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EWMA Journal, April 2017, Vol 17 (1)

This issue of EWMA Journal includes three scientific papers along with news from EWMA, the EWMA cooperating organisations and internationals partners. One outlines the results of a qualitative study investigating how patients suffering from arterial or mixed leg ulcers experience their everyday life and life in general with a leg ulcer. Another study presents how the perception of diabetes as a disease that can be relatively easily controlled has consequences for the diagnosis and treatment of foot ulcers. Finally, this issue of the EWMA Journal includes the presentation of a randomised, controlled, parallel-group clinical trial designed to compare enzymatic, mechanical and autolytic debridement methods for the treatment of the forearm and hand deep dermal burns.

In this issue we have also decided to highlight the annual WHO Hand Hygiene Campaign, which this year falls on the last day of the EWMA 2017 Conference, Friday 5 May. Due to the high relevance of hand hygiene in relation to several current EWMA focus topics, such as antimicrobial stewardship and surgical site infection, EWMA has decided to support the campaign with a joint programme developed in collaboration with the International  council of Nurses.


EWMA Journal

The EWMA Journal is the official journal of EWMA and is published twice a year, in May and October.

The EWMA journal is primarily designed to be a membership journal, with a specific focus on promoting EWMA's activities and sharing wound relevant news, scientific knowledge and clinical experience between EWMA target groups.

At the same time this meets another EWMA objective of facilitating the spread of knowledge on wound care and educating new generations of wound care professionals. EWMA Journal is CINAHL indexed and provides peer-reviewed original scientific articles, reviews, clinical information and  information about developments in wound management across Europe.

It is distributed free of charge to EWMA members and to members of national wound healing organisations in Europe, as well as to a wider audience via the internet.

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